Shortcut to Hollywood

One of the hardest parts about moving to Los Angeles was answering everyone’s curiosity of why.  “Why are you moving?”  They’d ask.  “You know it’s crazy expensive out there”,  each would say.  “I heard the traffic is horrible!”  Others would add their own two cents.  I’d often give two different answers to two different types of people, Christians and non.  I’d tread gently with Christians and say I was chasing happiness and give a brief explanation of God pulling me out here.  I’d splash aggressively with non Christians and tell them it’s been my dream to work in the world headquarters of film – Hollywood, California since I can remember.

The truth is it was both.  My wife and I didn’t just pick up and move out here.  It took two years of disappointing trials and tribulations.  In the beginning, I wanted nothing more than a writing career.  An escape from my corporate career of sadness, and God said no over and OVER and OVER again.  He slammed every single window on our fingers.  Leaving me with pain from the bruises.  Bruises I’d received my entire life of never being picked first.  The pains made me want a writing career even more at this point.  I fought, scratched and clawed for any path west.  I wanted a writing career even more than my relationship with Him.  My order was out of whack.  So we gave our dreams to Him and decided to stay in Ohio.  I quit chasing happiness and became still long enough for happiness to catch up.

I fell in love with my relationship with God and was happier than I’d ever been.  I finally felt like I was picked first for the first time in my entire existence by the greatest team Captain in all of existence.

And then it happened.

He opened one single window and said “Go”.  My wife and I were given one opportunity and had to decide within 24 hours to accept or not.  We accepted.  How could we not?  God called us out into the wilderness like a glistening star in the night’s sky.  He gave me everything, even in my fears.  Within one year I had my dream job, a screenwriter in the city of Angels.  It wasn’t because of the risks we took to travel away.  It wasn’t by the hustle and grind we put into the process.  It wasn’t the grit running through my veins.  You see, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people have more grit, more grind and more hustle out here in southern California.  All trying to make it.  But God placed me on a very narrow path with very little footprints to follow, leading to my victorious moment, sipping martinis on a back patio with an L.A. director and producer, pitching me a script for hire.  It’s insane.

When I fill out forgotten password questionnaires on websites, questions I always come across are “What is your mother’s maiden name?”  And “What is your dream job?”  A question they expect strangers not to know.  And here I am, 3,000 miles from home, working my dream job, a dream job for souls around the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I usually stood out from others on every film set I worked.  Just not the way you may be thinking.  My Cross chain, outspoken prayers and “God talk” had me tagged as the “Christian on set”.  I learned strangers would know my ways, but not even know my name.  How glorious!  I enjoyed when a select few people would come up to me in hush and talk spirituality with me like they wanted to keep a secret.

I more often found staring eyes from most, especially people with different values and identities.  I know deep down they categorized me with a church of people who judges and gives them more hate than love.  How disappointing I found it having to constantly break barriers and befriend people who thought my faith represented anything else but love.   I’m saddened when I see people in The Church post shortened scripture from the Bible out of context, with an agenda to enforce their conservative views instead of loving someone despite their difference.  I wouldn’t want to attend those churches either.

The tough part about being Christian is accepting all biblical truth as absolute truth, which I do or at least attempt to in my imperfect ways.  I want to live my life in the business of miracles, which means I believe in the big one, that Jesus died and rose again, breaking the barrier of death in all fashions, physically, spiritually, mentally and metaphorically.  Sounds crazy, but what would be even crazier is to believe this and try to understand the will of God on other people’s lives before I’m able to understand the will of God on my own individual life.  I don’t have the answers for the differences between Christians and non, but I do have the answer that can connect us, love.  For Christians, the answer is Jesus because we believe Jesus is Love, so the answer is universal, love.  Jesus even commanded,

“Everyone will know you are my disciples if you have love for one another.”

God has given me a love here in the wilderness, but I don’t believe he wants me to keep it to myself.  I believe he has shown me, taught me and is ready to use me in His ways.  I no longer want fame and glory.  I want to bring glory to God and make Him famous.  Therefore, I am giving it to Him again.  I exchange my dreams for His, knowing what he did the last time I did this.  He gave me a cup overflowing with happiness.  An immeasurable love, forgiveness, grace and patience.

He calls us home.  And we will answer the call.  He is saying “Come home, more awaits.”

Therefore, we are coming home.

Written by Sean Reed

Los Angeles, California

Sean Reed standing in the wilderness of southern California.

Standing in wilderness